indexing the web around people

PeekYou places the individual at the center of the Internet. For every public weblink, PeekYou tries to answer the question, "Who made it?" or, where applicable, "Whom is it about?" So far, we've answered those questions for a billion links and counting. Our patented technology analyzes content from over sixty social sites, news sources, homepages and blog platforms and identifies the actual people behind it, combining their scattered digital footprints into a comprehensive record of their online identity.

Google calculates the likelihood of any link being associated with a keyword. PeekYou calculates the likelihood of any link being associated with an individual.

The company was founded in 2006 by Michael Hussey and is headquartered in New York City.

Peek You .com Free People Search is the Web’s leading free people search engine, serving over 6 million monthly visitors, and according to Quantcast it is one of the top-500 sites in the US. The site was launched in stealth mode in July 2006 and was relaunched in November 2009 in the current incarnation. In 2011, PeekYou launched people search engines specifically targeting consumers in Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.