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On October 14, 2007 I suffered a severe brain injury after falling backwards down a flight of stairs hitting my head on a concrete floor. On life support and believed not to live, my family and friends prayed diligently day after day. It has been a long recovery and I will never be the same but I have come so much farther than the doctors ever expected. If I lived I would never walk or talk so the doctors told my family. In a coma and vegetative state for two years, I began to communication looking at yes and no cards since I couldn't speak. Eventually I would regain my speech but still fight to get some words from my brain to my mouth. From not being able to hold my head up, I began with a full support wheelchair to an electric wheelchair to a walker and then cane. While I can't walk long distances, I can walk! I live at home with my parents who take good care of me. I can't thank my family, friends, and all the people who didn't know me personally for all the prayers. Together I am still recovering more each day.

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